Friday 4 November 2011

The Session #57: Guilty Pleasures & Beery Confessions

This is my first ‘Session’, and apparently I am required to talk about my guilty pleasures and beer confessions. Am I blogging or in rehab? Anyway, I will give it a go.
I would be happy to name my beer-related guilty pleasures, but they are too many to mention - I am both guilty and pleased most of the time. To be honest, my guiltiest please is beer itself. It is bad for me (in the quantity I drink), it costs a fortune, and it regularly makes me behave rather silly, not to mention leading me astray to beer trips on different continents, frequent nights out and regular hangovers, all of which do not please my other half. So to take a slightly different approach, I will confess some of my beery confessions – opinions that at some point or another (or perhaps still) I have firmly held. It is not pretty.

  • Desperados is awesome. Maybe the best beer ever.
  • I can drink 15 pints of Gadd’s No. 3 without being sick and pissing all over my parent’s hallway.
  • The Hobgoblin ‘lager boy’ slogan is the cleverest thing I have ever heard – I will say it to anyone I see drinking lager.
  • Brewdog only make good beer, and only have cool marketing.
  • Everyone who drinks beer should be a CAMRA member; they are an immutable force of good in the world.
  • Wetherspoon’s is the pinnacle of pub drinking, and they should be sought out wherever you go.
  • Beer is better than wine.
  • American craft beer is too sweet and all tastes of pine.
  • Clear glass bottles are cool.
  • Cask beer and bottled beer is the only way to drink beer.
  • Budweiser is terrible.
  • Budweiser is incredible.
  • Beer and food matching is nonsense.
  • Sour beer is god’s way of punishing us for past sins.
  • Beer never goes off, it just ages.
  • Dogs can’t look up.
I have many more of these, but I think revealing them would open me to ridicule. Thankfully I am now enlightened. I’m going to have a whisky now because it’s basically just beer that’s been aged longer.

This month's Session is hosted by Steve at Beers I've Known.

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  1. I like the mass confession style post! I say the same about whisky, distilled beer without the hops! I wonder what it would be like with hops...sink the bismarck perhaps?