Friday 21 October 2011

A sip in the right direction...

I have been drinking beer now for the better part of a decade, yet it has never really appealed to me to document or catalogue my experinces and opinions on the subject.
Firstly because I seriously doubt anyone would be interested, and secondly because I have always thought of beer, and drinking in general, as an instantaneous, personal and tangible activity which does not translate well to the written word. The beer drinking experince can be joyously communal and deeply intimate simultaneously, something a retrospective blog cannot really hope to capture or do justice to.
However over the last few years both the craft beer and blogging landscape in the UK have grown and matured considerably, to the extent which it would seem rude not to join the party. One of my very bestest buddies is currently the topping the charts of the UK beer blogging scene, and if nothing else it will be nice to have a more public forum to contradict and mock him.
This is merely intended to be an account of beer and food (and stuff) in and around London, from my perspective, as a gluttonous consumer and voracious drinker first and foremost. I apologise in advance for what is sure to be a criminal lack of knowledge, both general and specialist, an unrefined palate, and a legion of grammatical; errors.

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